Lamp Repair with Paper Mache

Prep for Paper Mache ApplicationWaiting to Dry 
With something resembling a dough crust speckling my hands, I’m reporting on an experiment.  I am commissioned to repair a very pretty and large-ish lamp shade. 

Most of the lamps that I have repaired ( in my short career of repairing anything) have been panel lamps or some variation of a panel lamp.  So, to make things easier for the process, I thought it would be nice to have a form in the size and shape of this lamp to work with.  Then, like a flash, the idea of trying paper mache popped into my head.

I’ve done paper mache before, in the 4th grade, and, since my mother has no award ribbons or trophys to remind us all of my paper mache success, I have to assume that I was pretty mediocre at best in the medium.  So, I went online and found a little help from a grown-up who still does paper mache.  Turns out it’s pretty simple: water, flour (in a wide range of ratios), and torn newspapers.

So, now I’m waiting for it to dry.  Thank goodness I have other projects in the shop to amuse me.  Check back later for progress reports.

PS – I’m still waiting for the dalles to arrive from Blenko so I can continue on the church window repair.


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