Solstice Lamp

Winter Solstice 2010 – the sun, the light,  is taking tiny steps back toward the northern hemisphere.  Emily Dickinson’s “Certain slant of light” pressed against the pine trees outside my studio window today making me say to myself (each time I looked out), “go for a walk . . .now!”  I kept turning back to my tiny lamp.  It’s the one that I plan  to “fringe” with 84 strings of garnets, freshwater pearls, and glass beads.  I’ve never done fringe on a lamp before, so it’s kind of exciting to play with – bottom line – the fringe comes after the lamp is cut, foiled, soldered, and capped.  This lamp has 162 pieces of glass (not counting the fringe) and I have 27 left to cut and foil.  Tomorrow will be the day as long as I keep working.  However, when the last piece is cut, foiled and pinned into the mold – I will go out the door to greet, welcome, celebrate our prodigal sun.  Winter will turn to Spring – be strong, the dark is going away.


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