Almost A summer

Still learning my job with Discover Your Northwest.  I get requests to be “official” that sort of stun me.  I am in a role that requires me to coordinate with many types of people, no problem.  When they are all sitting in front of me as I stand at a “podium” who do I be?  Maybe it’s my imagination that I am different for each person, but, aren’t we all?  I have been a “teacher”, and the role begins at the “podium.”  Whatever else I am in the teaching process, I fall back to my “podium self.”   I guess who I be is the “person at the podium.” 

I don’t usually have this much trouble pondering a situation.  Maybe I’m feeling a little depressed.  Summer is not here; it’s June 12.  I suck up what little sunshine that may peek through like Poo hungrily scraping the bits of honey from a jar that’s about to disappear once again for who knows how long.  I need rain to cache for the plantings in garden and greenhouse, but I need sun for my soul.  No sun, no rain, the sky is gray.


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