The Glass Shop Is Dead, Long Live the Studio By The Sea!

Jones Creek Glassworks was my little stained glass supply shop in Newport, Oregon.  I loved being there, I care about the people who were my students and customers (many are now my friends).  But, it’s time to move on.  I have effectively hobbled my website until its demise is official this September.  My old blog will soon disappear (pssst: you are reading my new blog – with a few old blog posts you will recognise by the category: Jones Creek Glassworks).

It’s taken me almost a year to let go.  I’ve been walking a path to one place while looking at the map for a different place.  Seems kinda stupid, looking back at the last year, but it’s normal.  Eventually you get there, look around, realize what you’ve been doing and, then, you get it!  I did the “ground work” without realizing it.  I’m happy.

Art is the importance of it all, and that hasn’t changed. 

” . . . endure not yet 

A breach, but an expansion 

Like gold to ayery thinnesse beate.

John Donne, from “A Valediction: forbidding mourning”

I feel a lot of freedom to explore more avenues of expression that were sort of blocked by my focus on glass.  I LOVE glass; but, there are other things.  I’ve recently acquired a lathe and other wood working tools.  Yes, frames for my stained glass panels are likely, but other ideas are being stirred to the surface.  I love making jewelry.  So, I’ve reinvented myself at  Lessons learned, I feel ready for success.  We’ll see.  It’s great to be involved with the Yaquina Arts Gallery as a volunteer and an exhibitor.  More people see my work; maybe some of it will sell.  We’ll see.

Just catching up, gotta get to work. More later.


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