Adding A New PT Job

I wish I could say some really good stuff about my new job. The best I can say about it is it is a very vigorous workout, three times per week for 4 to 7 hour stretches that I get paid minimum wage for. I like working around newspaper people, but this isn’t that. The front office people are nice, but not involved; the pressman is great to talk to, but usually very busy. My team, of which I am at the very bottom of the “totem pole,” is mostly sad and tired. Since nobody can live on 12 to 19 hours per week at minimum wage, most of them have other jobs, too. Well, I do. But, my other job give me great doses of self-esteem, is fun around really “up” people. I bet most of them are not as lucky in their other job(s). I’m usually cheerful and that seems to be (to say the least) odd to a few of my co-workers. One of them seems to have a hostile attitude toward me which does occupy my mind too often, but mostly trying to forgive her because her life must be very different than mine. I hope she settles out of it before it becomes necessary to have a confrontation which will not change anything probably. This is not a career job viewed from the bottom of the totem pole, but I would like to continue until something with better pay comes along. There will always be hostile co-workers out there; that’s not really the problem. I’m just trying to resist falling into the sadness. I prefer cheerful co-workers, people who are happy to be working.


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