Gilding A Lily, Yes or No?

black velvet redlined bag oct2015

I’m done with the construction of this little black velvet bag with red lining. Much prettier in person (as most things are). Still thinking about embroidery or beading or both.

The process, as usual for me with anything I’m making potentially to sell to someone I don’t know, is a struggle between making something I would like to keep (to the point of the struggle of not being able to let go) and homogenizing the design down to the point where “anyone would like this” which, in fact, is the point where “nobody would want this, it’s too much without individuality.” Sometimes I feel like making something to sell is like saying to the world, “I know you are out there, person like me, who will see this and see yourself.”

I guess I’ll just have to make this for you!


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