Oregon Edge Studio Today

Dear Visitor,
This morning I will go to a safety meeting at work where there will be a presentation on what to do if we get an active shooter. What concerns me is the mere fact that the term “active shooter” is now part of our cultural lexicon.

Embroidery will be a nice process for getting back to myself today. Like solder in cold glass work, embroidery can serve a dual purpose. It provides decoration and stabilizes shape. For my velvet bag, it will help shape and define the area that covers the draw string. Sewing is a sort of sculpture with fabric using darts and gathers; cold glass, even if not evidently three dimensional (like a box or lamp) is a gathering of many smaller sculptures as each piece of the whole is formed to fit and held in shape by solder.

So, time to get ready for a meeting about dealing with pieces that don’t fit.
Not so cheery today.


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