Today In The Studio

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dear Visitor,

It’s still raining off and on, mostly on with a few “sucker holes” (that’s what we call them on the OC; maybe it’s what they call those little teaser sun breaks where you are). I dug a big ol’ nasty “Salmonberry” (Rubus spectabilis – a type of raspberry common to the Oregon Coast, sadly not as nice to eat as red and black raspberries) root out of the soil beneath my garden fence, Felt good and I got the start of a handle on a plan for my garden. There is this packet of snap peas speaking in my ear from its perch on the kitchen counter. It’s been a few years since I last planted any kind of peas, so, this year it will be February 1 (according to my plan with the start of a handle). I love digging in the soil; I love it better when the sun is out. I feel very blessed that I have a luxury of time this Spring for getting the garden in good shape.

I am nearly done with a Luna Moth sun catcher; just a bit of copper to trim, another close look and adjustment to the solder lines, a few rings to attach, patina to apply, and a final wax and polish. Wow, that does sound like a lot when it’s all written out, but, we’re really talking about an hour to hour and a half for such a small piece. I’ve done this moth before, but each one is unique. I’ve given him a “moonlit” background. I’m very happy with how he’s turning out. I’ll post a photo when completed.



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