The Studio Today

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Visitor,
Will be at the gallery in Nye Beach on Saturday. Nothing special, just my normal volunteer gig. I’m curious to see how the wind chimes are doing. I sliced some curves of padauk, a South African hardwood, for the chimes. Large stone and ceramic beads for the “clappers” and jewelry quality chain for the cording. The padauk has a very sweet sound when clapped against the stone or ceramic and against each other. I’ve used faceted glass crystals for the “wind catcher” to add some sparkle and rainbows. Between the chimes and my tiny glass winged humming birds, I should be busy with sales from this gallery. I put a few draw string bags on Etsy.

Always busy. I have fava beans and peas emerging in the garden. Looking forward to new baby chicks this year.
I’m gathering stones and tumbled marble cubes for a decorative pad that will be a remembrance construction for our dog, Dalai La La, a beautiful pit-bull cross with piercing green eyes, who died suddenly last year. My heart is still broken, as any dog lover would understand. The pad is an arc connecting two of the arcs that shape my herb bed. When the pad is finished I’ll make a rain drum to sit upon the pad. I’m hoping for more inspiration, but at this moment the idea is to use a large ceramic pot with a snare drum skin stretched over the opening and held in place with a clamp that will be hidden behind a wrap of sisal or jute.

I can feel spring and see it in the fattening buds on my Montmorency cherry tree and blueberry shrubs. Not only that, my mind feels in renaissance. Lots to do. Gotta go!



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